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In this section, you will find excerpts from expert testimony and reports prepared for state regulatory commissions and others. These documents summarize the results of research and analyses concerning many facets of regulation and public utilities.

These excerpts discuss the following topics:

Alternative Regulation
Discussions of the various issues related to implementation of price cap plans as an alternate form of regulation.

Testimony regarding "effective" competition, rural exemptions, the current state of competition in various markets, and related issues.

Comparions between different types of costs, in depth discussions of joint and common costs, long run costs, and examples of our analyses of cost studies and cost models.

Cost of Capital
Calculations and discussions of cost of debt, cost of equity and overall cost of capital.

Definitions and the FCC
Definitions of cost, interconnection, universal service, and other concepts, and the role that the FCC has played in shaping these issues.

Depreciation calculations and related issues.

Mergers and Transfers
Analyses of the various costs and benefits associated with mergers and transfers and discussions of conditions that should be imposed on them.

Rate Design
A wealth of information regarding the goals of rate design, rate rebalancing, and actual rate designs that we have developed for a variety of telecommunications services.

Universal Service
Discussions of the components of and ways in which regulators can successfully implement universal service funds.


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