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FERC Reports

Staff Report on Cost Ranges for the Development and Operation of a Day One Regional Trnasmission Organization
This Study is intended to inform the Commission and facilitate discussions with the industry and the states regarding Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) formation. Specifically, the purpose of this Study is to estimate the cost of developing a Day One RTO that provides independent and non-discriminatory transmission service and satisfies the minimum requirements of Order No. 2000 to operate as an RTO.
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Utility Vegitation Management and Bulk Electric Reliability Report From the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
This report aims to identify and analyze significant patterns and potential problems in the vegitation management practices of the electric industry. The Commission's report recommends that Congress enact legislation, providing for mandatory, enforceable reliability rules. The Commission also finds that it would be beneficial if Federal and state regulators were to allow for reasonable recovery of the costs of vegetation management.
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Consequence Assessment Methods for Incidents Involving Releases from Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers
This report discusses the potential serious incidents involving LNG carriers, particularly in light of increased awareness and concern about potential terrorist actions, and identifies appropriate consequence analysis methods for estimating flammable vapor and thermal radiation hazard distances for potential LNG vessel cargo releases during transit and while at berth. This report includes review of literature on experimental LNG spills and on consequence assessment methodologies that are applicable to modeling of incidents involving LNG spills on water.
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Report on Natural Gas and Electric Price Indices
This report discusses the developments over the past year in the creditability of price indices that are used to price natural gas and electricity transactions in both the physical and financial markets. The report specifically addresses the progress under FERC's 2003 policy statement outlining expectation guidelines for both natural gas and electricity price index developers, and the companies that report transaction data to index developers. The findings in this report attempt to restore the confidence that price indices have reached adequate levels that are conducive to facilitating a competitive market.
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Utility Vegetation Management Final Report
The purpose of this report is to collect and analyze information and data regarding transmission right-of-way vegetation management practices of electric utility companies in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of individual companies vegetation management programs. This report also hopes to identify generic best practices for transmission-level vegetation management to enhance system performance and transmission reliability.
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Final Report on the August 14, 2003 Blackout in the United States and Canada: Causes and Recommendations
This report issued by U.S. and Canadian regulators at the request of President Bush and then Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien presents the investigators findings concerning violations of reliability requirements and institutional and performance deficiencies by energy companies responsible for the widespread blackout during August of 2003. The report also presents the Task Force's recommendations for preventing future blackouts and reducing the scope of any that occur.
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State of the Markets 2000 Report
The State of the Markets 2000 Report is a document initiated within the Commission to explore the current status of energy markets and the effect of the Commissionís policies on those markets. This report contains only market-oriented information.
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FY 1999 Performance Report
The FY 1999 Performance Report is the Commission's initial report based on the performance measures developed in 1997 under the Government Performance and Results Act. The report makes a number of references to the State of the Markets 2000 Report that was also developed by Commission Staff.
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FY 2000 State of the Agency Report
This 18 page report is the first annual report of its kind.
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Staff Report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Western Markets and the Causes of the Summer 2000 Price Abnormalities
This report comprises part 1 of the FERC Staff's report on U.S. bulk power markets.
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Staff Report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the Bulk Power Markets In the United States
This report comprises part 2 of the FERC Staff's report on U.S. bulk power markets.
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FY 2000-2005 Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan lays the groundwork for the Commission's ongoing effort to fulfill its mission. Over the next five years, the Commission expects to continue at the forefront of the fast-paced market development.
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