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The Natural Gas Market

California Natural Gas Infrastructure Outlook
The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) issued this outlook report for 2002-2006 to assess California's natural gas transportation and storage system, and concludes that it is adequate to provide seasonally reliable amounts of competitively priced natural gas to residential, commercial, industrial, and electric generation customers. In the report the CPUC recommends that the Power Authority should not finance any new natural gas projects. The events that led to high natural gas prices in California in 2000 and 2001 are also reviewed.
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A Plan for Effective Market Monitoring of the Wholesale and Retail Markets for Electricity, Natural Gas, and Telecommunications
This report to the D.C. Council’s Committee on Consumer and Regulatory Affairs describes the considerable progress that the Public Service Commission of D.C. has made to establish and maintain an effective market-monitoring plan. The current state of competition in the competitive retail markets for electricity, natural gas, and local telephone services in the District is also discussed. Finally, new initiatives that are being planned to improve customer service and, where practicable, to reduce prices still further are identified.
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Wholesale Natural Gas Market Assessment
This report was prepared by Jeffrey V. Conopask, Ph.D. for the Office of Technical and Regulatory Services which reports to the D.C. Public Service Commission. This report is an assessment of wholesale natural gas supply and prices and describes the affect various economic factors have on the D.C. natural gas market. This report also forecasts the change in price level and reflects the continued volatility in the natural gas wholesale market.
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Blue Ribbon Natural Gas Task Force Final Report
This report was been submitted by Georgia's Blue Ribbon Natural Gas Task Force to Governor Roy E. Barnes and the General Assembly. The aim of this report is to identify the main problems and dislocations affecting residential consumers as a result of natural gas deregulation. It defines public policy approaches necessary to address these problems and dislocations, and provides recommendations to the Governor and to the General Assembly.
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Natural Gas Report to the Regulatory Flexibility Committee of the Indiana General Assembly
This report contains information on the national gas market and it's structure. It discusses the current natural gas market conditions and other gas issues affecting Indiana. In addition it reviews the competitive initiatives in natural gas.
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Supply - Demand Forecast for Gas Utilities in Wyoming 2001-2010
This report contains the results an examination of the status of the supply and demand balance for the next ten years for the gas utilites in West Virginia. This report contains projections of natural gas demand and supply for the next decade made by the four major companies operating in the State of West Virginia and by the Public Service Commission.
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Staff Report on Purchased Gas Adjustor (PGA) Mechanisms
To address gas cost issues, the Commission ordered "that Staff establish a working group with Southwest, the other Arizona LDCs, and other interested parties to work together to explore possible PGA mechanism design changes, including the imposition of interest on account balances and make recommendations such that the Commission can act on those recommendations no later than November 1, 1998." This report provides Staff's analysis and recommendations.
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Report Concerning Voluntary Unbundling of Natural Gas Service in Colorado
The Colorado PUC reports on the status of gas utility unbundling, actions taken by utilities in response to this legislation, and raises specific questions concerning the need for further legislative actions and Commission rulemaking concerning consumer protection issues. It also provides recommendations for comprehensive changes to the fixed utility fund.
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Natural Gas Report to the Regulatory Flexibility Committee of the Indiana General Assembly
The report encompasses a overview of the natural gas industry, commission actions addressing increased gas prices, and other gas issues affecting Indiana including natural gas storage, merchant power plants, and the status of consumer choice in the state.
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Natural Gas Unbundling in Kentucky: Exploring the Next Step Toward Customer Choice
The report presents a summary of informal meetings the Commissioners and Staff held with various groups and individuals earlier this year on the status of the natural gas industry in Kentucky and what the Commission's future regulatory role should be. Also discussed are several key issues central to answering a number of pressing questions.
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The Minnesota Utility Data Book
A reference guide to Minnesota electric and natural-gas utilities 1965 through 1998 - This report compiles information reported by electric and natural-gas providers serving Minnesota. Most of Minnesota's energy use occurs through service provided by various investor-owned, cooperative and municipal utilities. The report provides aggregate information reported by Minnesota utilities through 1998. It also provides data reported by individual companies for 1998.
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The Status and Expansion of Natural Gas Service Within the State
The North Carolina Commission’s report, which pursuant to statute has been prepared independently, presents an overview of the status of natural gas service within the State and includes the Commission’s summaries and analyses of the updated expansion plans filed by the LDCs. Attached to this report are copies of the biennial updates filed by each LDC which are the subject of this report. Overall, the Commission concludes that the LDCs’ plans for expansion of natural gas service are reasonable.
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Report and Recommendations
This report resolves the following New York Commission dockets: In the Matter of Issues Associated with the Future of the Natural Gas Industry and the Role of Local Gas Distribution Companies. Proceeding on Motion of the Commission to Address Issues Associated with the Restructuring of The Emerging Competitive Gas Market.
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Ohio Customer Choice Status Report
This report presents the results of the staff’s evaluation of the natural gas choice programs of the major Ohio gas companies. Staff conducted two surveys of residential customers. The first was a follow-up survey to evaluate whether CG&E's ongoing promotional activities resulted in increased customer awareness of the choice program. The second was a follow-up of Columbia's residential customers to identify common characteristics of customers who choose an alternate provider versus customers that do not choose.
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A Report on Natural Gas Pricing and an Evaluation of Opportunities for Price Risk Management Through Various Hedging Options
This report describes the regulatory concerns of natural gas supply and costs, the potential benefits of hedging, regular examination of hedging options and expected outcomes, and West Virginia'a alternative to continuing Purchased Gas Adjustments (PGAs).
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