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Energy Market Power

Market Power and Other Competitive Issues for Retail Electric Competition in Missouri
This is a report to the Missouri Public Service Commission's Task Force on Retail Electric Competition from the Task Force's Working Group on Market Structure and Market Power. This report discusses the various causes of market concentration that are in the electric retail industry. This report also discusses comparisons of the competitive viabilities for poolco, direct access, and hybrid market structures.
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Illinois Commerce Commission Summary of Annual Reports Filed by Electric Utilities
Part 1 of this report provides an overview of the electric utilitiesí financial condition and activities since December 16, 1997, the effective date of the new law. Part 2 of this report summarizes Illinois electric utilitiesí responses to the eleven requirements set forth in PUA ß 16-130 of the Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997.
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An Empirical Analysis of a Dominant Firmís Market Power in a Restructured Electricity Market, A Case Study of Colorado
A discussion of the relationship between price cap plans and service quality.
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Making Competition Work: Addressing Issues of Market Structure and Market Power
Customers will only benefit from choice in electric supply if the market is appropriately structured and market power issues are addressed. This report attempts to identify what the market should look like when all transition issues are resolved (i.e., the end-state). The report also addresses some of the transition issues that need to be resolved in order to achieve the desired end-state.
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Staff Report On Electric Industry Market Power in Michiganís Upper Peninsula
Legislative Act 141 requires the Commission to analyze and submit a report on the potential for market power in Michiganís Upper Peninsula. This report contains an industry profile of the UP, a discussion of various measurements of market power, alternative measures of market concentration, the ability of new suppliers to enter the UP market, market power findings in Wisconsin, and relevant conclusions and recommendations.
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Market Power: Public Service Commission of Utah Report
This report assesses public policy options to mitigate market power, and addresses the Commission's objectives inlcuding: ascertaining the market relevant for Utah in order to analyze market power, determining whether any electric service provider could exercise market power, and identifying potential mitigation strategies for state policymakers.
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Horizontal Market Power in Wisconsin Electricity Markets
This report is the product of the study conducted by Tabors Caramanis & Associates to model and analyze possible horizontal market power in the Wisconsin electricity sector, and to quantify the impacts of strategic behavior on the development of competitive energy markets. It is a study on the potential for horizontal market power of electric generators to frustrate the creation of an effectively competitive electricity market in the state.
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