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Energy Infrastructure

Status of the Electric Grid in Massachusetts
This report is divided into three sections, one for each of the Working Groups established by the Massachusetts Task Force on Electric Reliability and Outage Preparedness. The Electric System Working Group report examines electric system infrastructure and operations in Massachusetts to determine the potential for an event or series of events, inside or outside of New England, to escalate into a large-scale outage within Massachusetts. The Natural Gas Working Group report considers the extent of gas-fired generation in the region; the current and projected natural gas infrastructure; the sources of natural gas supply; the deliverability of natural gas to the region; the causes of and responses to natural gas interruptions; and mechanisms for communications between the natural gas and electric sectors. The Telecommunications Working Group Report examines the role that telecommunications facilities play in electric system reliability and the role of telecommunications in the electric system emergency response process. To a lesser extent, the Telecommunications report also addresses telecommunications system reliability as it relates to the provision of services to electric companies.
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The Benefits and Costs of a RTO and Standard Market Design (SMD) in the Southeast
This report was prepared by Charles River Associates to the Southeastern Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners to evaluate the costs and benefits for the utilities in their jurisdictions associated with implementing FERC’s RTO/SMD policy. The study has estimated the net benefits of forming three RTOs in the southeast—GridSouth, SeTrans and GridFlorida.
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An Assessment of Supply Adequacy in California
This report discusses whether the temperature conditions and electricity demands of the summer of 1998 were unique or an indication that electricity supplies in the West have not kept pace with demand growth. The report begins with the Energy Commission Staff’s investigation into the relationship between peak electricity demand and temperatures across the Western Systems Coordinating Council (WSCC) reliability region. The report also examines the trend over the last ten years of generation reserves in the WSCC and identifies factors that staff believes will influence the ability of the electricity supply system in the WSCC to meet future summer peak demands.
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Report on Whole Electic Generation Investigation
The California Public Utilities Commission obtained and analyzed data on power production, power plant outages, bidding behavior of electricity generators and electricity transmisson during the 38 black out and service interruption days in California. This report analyzes the operations, bids and production and transmission of electricity on the 38 blackout and service interruption days of the five largest non-utility electricity generators which are Duke, Dynegy, Mirant, and Reliant and AES/Williams.
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Assessment of the Underground Distribution System of the Potomac Electric Power Company
This report was prepared by Stone & Webster Consultants for the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia. The purpose of the report is to perform an independent assessment of Potomac Electric Power Company’s (Pepco) underground electric distribution facilities in light of a series of manhole explosions and fires that have occurred in the District of Columbia (DC) over the past several years. The report also investigates the causes and remedies for the manhole explosions and fires in Pepco's underground electric distribution system.
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Report North Carolina Utilities Commission on Investigation of Electric Generation Infrastructure
This report has been prepared by the Public Staff of North Carolina for the Public Utility Commission. In this report the Public Staff identified and quantified, where possible, the resources or facilities necessary to construct, operate, and deliver power from potential generating plants, including fuel, water, air quality, and electric transmission requirements. It identified any constraints associated with these resources and facilities and to reported any conclusions to be drawn from its investigation.
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Report to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission - Capacity Market Questions
This report responds to the request of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (“PaPUC”) for a formal report on the PJM capacity credit markets (“ICAP market” or “capacity credit markets”) covering the period from January through April, 2001 and is issued in accordance with the PJM Market Monitoring Plan, PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff, Attachment M. By a letter dated April 12, 2001, the PaPUC requested information and set forth questions concerning the clearing prices for installed capacity credits in the capacity credit markets administered by PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. (“PJM”).
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Electric Power Outlook for Pennsylvania 2001 – 2006
This report reflects whether there is sufficient generation, transmission and distribution capacity to meet the needs of Pennsylvania consumers for the foreseeable future. This report also summarizes electricity demand growth rate in Pennsylvania.
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Staff Final Report to the Kansas Corporation Commission on the Adequacy of Future Kansas Electric Generation Capacity
While there was a general alarm in the state regarding regional power shortages during the summer of 1998, Staff became concerned because a 1998 Southwest Power Pool (SPP) ETA-41 1 report’ indicated that Kansas electric utilities could experience a shortage of generation capacity in the near future. This report contains the results of a panel discussion convened to address this issue.
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RTO Formation Issues
On November 9, 2001, the Commission sent a letter to each member of the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) seeking comment on questions concerning RTO formation in the Midwest. This document contains Chairman John Wine's initial comments on developing national policy concerning the formation of RTOs.
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Electric Supply Adequacy Report
This report covers issues that the Maryland Commission considers timely for an understanding of the electric power generation industry in the state. This Report first presents the state of the electric power industry in Maryland in the newly restructured environment. A section covers the recent power cost increases and power supply shortages in California. Finally, the data shows that there is adequate electricity supply in Maryland for the near future.
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Detroit Edison (DE) Distribution System Reliability
This is the third Michigan Public Service Commission Staff investigation that addresses the reliability of the DE distribution system and the company’s storm response capability. In carrying out the current investigation, reviewed DE annual reliability reports and presentations to Staff, DE individual storm reports, annual DE financial reports, and DE and Staff complaint data. In addition, Staff met with company personnel, made site visits and reviewed DE responses to specific information requests.
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Gas-Fired Generation in Michigan: Assessment of Gas Infrastructure and Generation Costs
Expanded use of gas raises questions regarding its impact on Michigan’s natural gas markets, including the future supply and price of gas, the ability of the gas pipeline system to deliver gas to gas-fired generators, the impact of gas-fired generation on Michigan’s gas distribution and storage infrastructure, and the expected cost of electricity from gas generators. This report presents an initial assessment on these questions and the general viability of using natural gas to generate electricity in Michigan.
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Merchant Power Plants in Michigan
This is a summary listing of operational and planned merchant power plants in Michigan. Statistics include their capacity, plant type, location, and anticipated start up date.
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Annual Report of the North Carolina Utilities Commission Regarding Long Range Needs for Expansion of Electric Generation Facilities for Service in North Carolina
The information contained in this report is based primarily on the most current reports (as of May 1, 2001) to the Commission by the electric utilities regarding their respective analyses and plans for meeting the demand for electricity in their respective service areas. It also reflects the most recent hearings and formal proceedings held in early 2001 to review the plans and analyses of the utilities, as well as other records and files of the Commission.
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Proposed Generation Plants in Nevada
This October 2001 report contains a summary listing of planned generation plants in Nevada. Statistics include their capacity, permitting information, location, and anticipated start up date.
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New Electric Generating Plants in Texas
This is a summary listing of operational and planned merchant power plants in Texas. Statistics include their capacity, interconnection, location, and start up date.
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Reliability of Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems
This report is a presentation to the Legislative Transition Task Force describing what factors affect reliability in the electric industry, who is responsible for reliability, how responsibility for reliability might change under competition and the role that the Virginia State Corporation Commission will play in assuring reliability.
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Report to the Wisconsin Legislature on the Regional Electric Transmission System
This report is intended to identify transmission constraints on the regional bulk power transmission system and to identify possible solutions to relieve those constraints. The report evalutates the adequacy of the region’s electric transmission system in fulfillling the requirements under 1997 Wisconsin Act 204.
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