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The Electric Market

Electric Report to the Regulatory Flexibility Committee of the Indiana General Assembly
This report outlines the status of the Indiana electric utility industry. The report reviews the activities of the electric industry in Indiana and provides an update of facts and developments since the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commissionís last Energy Report.
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Semiannual Projections of Energy Supply and Demand Winter Outlook 2002/2003
This report is prepared by the Executive Secretary, Electric, and Gas Divisions of the Michigan Public Service Commission, Department of Consumer & Industry Services, State of Michigan. The purpose of this report is to provide a semiannual assessment of Michiganís energy markets. The assessment assists in identifying potential supply problems, including adequacy of supply, weaknesses in the distribution system, and energy price changes. The focus of this report is on recent events impacting supply and prices, and expected conditions and changes for the next six months.
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Minnesota Energy Planning Report 2001
This report provides a comprehensive explanation of the Minnesota energy system; trends in energy demand, supply, and prices; challenges in ensuring adequate, reliable, environmentally sound, and affordable energy services. It also addresses technology options and other approaches such as energy conservation that can be tapped to meet those challenges in Minnesota and a summary of the new legislation and its potential for assisting in meeting the challenges ahead. There is a separate report included that evaluates the Conservation Improvement Program.
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Joint Agency Study of the Electricity System
This report was prepared by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission and the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development under the provisions of ESSB 6560. This report provides information about Washington's electric utility industry, state and local regulation, and a number of issues that may require consideration in any policy changes affecting essential electricity services.
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Arkansas Measures to the Avoid Rolling Blackouts in California
This report describes that California failed to respond to demand growth, supply reduction, structural defects in the deregulation plan, environmental regulation difficulties, faculty mismanagement, and wholesale generator opportunities. The report includes measures taken by Arkansas to prevent electricity shortages by reviewing past years trends in power usage and numerous plans to build new generator plants.
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Can a California Energy Debacle Occur in Illinois? An Outline of Some Differences and Similarities Between California and Illinois
This memo first outlines several of the significant differences and as well as some of the similarities between the electric power environments which exist in California and Illinois. It concludes by noting that, with vigilance, a California style energy debacle need not occur in Illinois.
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A Review of the Circumstances and Factors Which Resulted in Capacity Shortages and Price Volatility in Midwest Electricity Markets the Week of June 22, 1998
During the week of June 22, 1998, an unusual set of circumstances resulted in electric generation capacity shortages and unprecedented volatile prices. In an effort to understand these events the IURC held fact-finding meetings on July 22 and 23. These meetings were followed up by specific data requests to the utilities. This report presents the information and conclusions derived from those meetings and data requests responses.
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Report to the Governor of the State of Nevada from the Nevada Electric Energy Policy Committee
The Committee witnessed presentations regarding the status of the water, gas and electricity supplies in Nevada and the West. Information was obtained about the instability of electricity prices and the lack of supply in the west leading to major uncertainties in Nevadaís electric environment. Recommendations for action were considered and adopted for eight subjects. The recommendations with an in-depth discussion and review of the issues are included in this report.
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Electric Restructuring Differences Between California and Ohio
This report outlines how restructuring efforts in Ohio are different from those undertaken in California in the areas of market design, demand and supply, and transmission constraints.
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Power Price Spikes: Aberration or Prophecy?
This report contains a series of observations surrounding a series of convulsive price spikes that western power markets have experienced since mid-May of 2000.
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Electric Energy "Crisis" from Utah's Perspective
This report provides a brief explanation of problems confronting the electric utility industry in the West and the possible effects on Utah. The report includes a background of the electric energy crisis, how high prices in California affects the entire region of the western market and Utah's position within the electricity market.
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