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Energy Competition

Progress Report to the General Assembly on the Development of Competition in Electric Markets and the Impact on Retail Customers
This report is submitted by Arkansas Public Service Commission to the General Assembly on the development of competition in retail electric markets and the impact of restructuring on retail ratepayers.
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Assessment of Retail and Wholesale Market Competition in the Illinois Electric Industry in 2001
In this report, the Illinois Commerce Commission (Commission) examines the development of electric retail and wholesale markets. In addition to statistical information, the Commission examines the competitiveness of the retail and wholesale electric markets. In particular, the report discusses the effect that an uncompetitive wholesale market could have on consumer prices when the bundled rate freeze currently in effect expires in 2005.
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Market Power and Other Competitive Issues for Retail Electric Competition in Missouri
This is a report to the Missouri Public Service Commission's Task Force on Retail Electric Competition from the Task Force's Working Group on Market Structure and Market Power. This report discusses the various causes of market concentration that are in the electric retail industry. This report also discusses comparisons of the competitive viabilities for poolco, direct access, and hybrid market structures.
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Alternative Market Structures for Retail Competition
This report on alternative market structures for retail competition represents the efforts of the Market Structure and Market Power working group of the Missouri Public Service Commission's Task Force on Retail Competition. The format of this report is that the first chapter sets out the structural changes that the working group believed would be common to any of the alternative proposals for market structure. The subsequent chapters organize each proposed market structure into four major sections.
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Status of Competition in the Commonwealth of Virginia - Part I
This report is submitted to the Governor and to the Legislative Transition Task Force by Virginia's State Corporation Commission (SCC). The purpose of this report is to provide an update regarding activities in Virginia related to competition in the electric market. It provides a history of the transition to competition in Virginia in chronological detail.
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2002 Performance Review of Electric Power Markets - Part II
This report was conducted by National Regulatory Research Institute under contract with the Virginia State Corporation Commission as part II of the SCC's annual report to the Virginia General Assembly on the advancement of a competitive retail electricity market in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
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Recommendations to Facilitate Effective Competition in the Commonwealth of Virginia - Part III
This final section of the SCC's 2002 report on competition in Virginia provides a list of proposals that may be considered as a means of stimulating effective competitive activity within the Commonwealth's electricity market.
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Public Benefits: Emerging Competition in the Electric Industry
The team organized this report by first presenting a discussion of statutes that have been employed in Iowa to achieve societal goals, and identifying key public benefit issues. The report then examines mechanisms for maintaining and funding public benefit programs. The report also addresses details of certain issues, including: research and development, demand-side management, renewable resources, and monitoring of system effects.
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Reliability: Emerging Competition in the Electric Industry
This Board staff report explores the reliability, safety, and quality of service standards of an operational electric system and addresses the changes needed as the industry restructures and Iowa considers retail competition. This report addresses four main categories relating to the reliable operation of an electric system: (1) the bulk power system, (2) certification of Competitive Electric Service Providers (CESPs) and aggregators, (3) reliability standards, and (4) customer service quality and monitoring.
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Report on Changes Affecting the Electric Utility Industry
On February 14, 1996 and March 19, 1996, the Commission conducted workshops to address several issues outlined by the Commission. Over 50 individuals attended each workshop. Participants in these workshops have agreed that although consensus does not exist on all issues, a draft Report prepared by some of the participants, known as the "working group," would be an appropriate means to identify issues facing the industry and possible courses of action available to the Commission. This Report is the product of that working group.
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Energy Report to the Regulatory Flexibility Committee of the Indiana General Assembly
The report outlines the status of competition in the Indiana energy utility industries, both electric and gas. The report reviews the activities of the energy industry in Indiana and provides an update of facts and developments since the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commissionís 1999 Energy Report. It also examines competition initiatives at the state and federal levels.
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An Assessment of Retail Competition in Kansas' Electric Power Industry
This report outlines the growing movement to retail competition in electric markets, a model for retail competition, a comparison to the status quo, various pricing methods, the effect of wholesale power markets, potential investor-owned stranded cost in Kansas, jurisdictional matters concerning FERC and State Commissions, and the most appropriate next step for Kansas.
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Status of Electric Competition in Michigan
This Commission report discusses the status of competition for the supplying of electricity in Michigan, actions taken by the Commission to implement measures necessary to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive business practices by utilities, alternative electric suppliers, and other market participants, and information regarding customer education programs to inform customers of all relevant information regarding the purchase of electricity and related services from alternative electric suppliers.
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Ohio Electric Choice Report
The Center for Research and Public Policy (CRPP) presents the results to a survey of Ohio electricity consumers in this report. The research was designed to provide public input on electric competition in Ohio. This research study included a comprehensive series of telephone surveys. Areas for investigation within the telephone surveys included: awareness of deregulation/competition in Ohio; depth of knowledge of deregulation; and awareness of information sources, among others.
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2001 Report on the Scope of Competition in Electric Markets
This report describes developments in the Texas electricity industry and the Public Utility Commission of Texas's efforts to implement Senate Bill 7. In addition to reporting on the Commission's activities to create a favorable environment for retail competition, this report describes problems that have arisen in some other areas of the country where retail competition has been introduced.
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Part 1 - Status of Competition in the Commonwealth
One of the most significant activities related to competition in Virginia's electric industry has been the retail access pilot programs. Attachment I at the end of this report is a detailed report on the pilot programs of Dominion Virginia Power ("DVP"), AEP-VA, and Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. The bulk of the report, however, discusses activities that have recently occurred or are on-going that are necessary for the development of an effective competitive market for retail electric services in Commonwealth.
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Part 2 - Status of Regional Competitive Markets
Part I of this report outlines the status of electric retail markets in the United States since the late 1980s. Part II reviews the performance of several regional wholesale markets that have highly developed organized markets and have had comprehensive analysis conducted of them.
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Part 3 - Recommendations for Facilitating Effective Competition
This report includes recommendations of actions to be taken by the General Assembly, Commission, electric utilities, suppliers, generators, distributors and regional transmission entities that promote the public interest. Such recommendations shall include actions regarding the supply and demand balance for generation services, new and existing generation capacity, transmission constraints, market power, suppliers licensed and operating in Virginia, and the shared or joint use of generation sites.
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Examination of Retail Competition in West Virginia
This report describes the possible positive and negative attributes of changing and maintaining the structure of the electric industry; the present power supply market with price information; stranded costs/benefits options; the appropriate structure for a competitive electric industry; tax revenue implications; guiding restructuring principles; proposed rule and statutory changes; and a blue print for restructuring.
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