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Universal Service

Annual Report of the Colorado High Cost Support Mechanism to the General Assembly
This report provides information regarding the operation of the telephone high cost support mechanism during calendar year 1999. Also included are sections reporting the current estimate of the mechanismís operation for calendar year 2000 and its proposed operation for calendar year 2001.
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Electric Universal Service Program Year One Report
This report contains the Maryland Commission's recommendation on the total amount of funds needed for the program for the following fiscal year, for bill assistance, for low-income weatherization, and to retire arrearages that were incurred prior to the initial implementation date. It also outlines the impact on customersí rates, including the allocation among customer classes, and the impact of using other federal poverty level benchmarks on costs and the effectiveness of the universal service program.
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Promoting Competition and Reforming Universal Service
This report presents a plan that will make universal service funds available to any carrier willing to compete for customers in high-cost areas. The report, along with proposed rules for a state universal service program, represents a reformed program of universal service, make explicit the amount of implicit support customers currently pay to maintain universal service, and explain the policy options considered and chosen by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.
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Annual Report on Universal Service to the Joint Committee on Information Policy
This report evaluates the rules, programs and regulatory policies that impact universal service and investment for their impact on consumer choice, competition, economic development, efficiency and productivity, quality of life, and services to diverse income and racial populations in Wisconsin.
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