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Telecom Regulation

Staff Analysis of Telecommunications Basic Services Regulation Senate Bill No. 383 House Bill No. 938
The Virginia State Corporation Commission issued a report to address a piece of legislation in Virginia's General Assembly that would eliminate much of the Commission's oversight of the telecommunications industry. The legislation would create a new form of regulation for retail services and customers-- basic services regulation (BSR). The Commission opposes the bill due to their belief that competition is best achieved under current regulations. The report examines whether the legislation will lead to higher prices for consumers and higher revenues for companies or whether protections in the legislation would assuage potential increases.
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A Plan for Effective Market Monitoring of the Wholesale and Retail Markets for Electricity, Natural Gas, and Telecommunications
This report to the D.C. Councilís Committee on Consumer and Regulatory Affairs describes the considerable progress that the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia has made to establish and maintain an effective market-monitoring plan. The current state of competition in the competitive retail markets for electricity, natural gas, and local telephone services in the District is also discussed. Finally, new initiatives that are being planned to improve customer service and, where practicable, to reduce prices still further are identified.
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Commercial Mobile Radio Services Report on the Proposed Regulation of Wireless Providers in Alabama
This report describes the CMRS's role as a regulatory authority for states in issues such as customer billing information, billing disputes or other consumer protection matters, and practices and the bundling of services and equipment. The report also provides information about competition within the utility industry under FCC regulations, general and detailed descriptions of wireless technonology services of voice, data and paging, and lists cellular markets and counties for both public and personal communications services.
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Form of Regulation Selected by ILEC
A list of ILECs operating in Arkansas and the corresponding regulatory framework that they have chosen to be governed by--either rate of return, Sec. 6-8 Act 77, or Sec. 12 Act 77.
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Opening Markets and Keeping Them Open: A Contract and Antitrust Model
This report details the goals and role of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in regulating the state's telecommunications market. It details how to properly and improperly open markets, providing two models by which the Commission can achieve its goals.
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State of Maine Carrier-to-Carrier Guidelines Performance Standards and Reports
This report provides the metrics and performance standards applicable to Verizon New England Inc. Comprehensive explanations of the standardís definitions, measurement methodologies, reporting levels, geography covered, and the current product intervals are included within this document.
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The Status of Telecommunications Service in a Changing Competitive Environment
The North Carolina Utilities Commission developed this report to address the provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and State House Bill 161 in order to gain a complete perspective on the ongoing revolution in telecommunications regulation. It addresses competing local provider certifications, alternative regulation, universal telephone service, interconnection agreements, unbundled network elements and collocation, and access charge reductions.
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Local Service Guidelines
Local Service Guidelines enacted by the Ohio Commission pertaining to certification issues, interconnection, compensation for the transport and termination of traffic, pricing standards, tariffing requirements, filing procedures, unbundling, resale, and dailing parity, among others.
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Final Report to the Commission of the Collaborative to Determine the Adequacy and Interpretation of Existing Accounting Procedures and Financial Reporting Regulations for All Telecommunications Carriers
This report discusses potential answers to nine specific questions that Collaborative participants were to address at the end of the six-month investigative process. These questions involved resolving whether CLECs should be held to the same reporting requirements as ILECs, what reports should be treated as confidential, and whether CLECs should be required to maintain separate accounting systems for their various operations.
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Staff Report on Telecommunications Utility Price Regulation
This report discusses what has happened to price-regulated companies and the industry since price regulation went into effect. This report identitifes the goals to be achieved, the method of regulation to be approved, and how the decision is expected to help achieve the Wisconsin Commission's identified goals, and the criteria to be used to evaluate success of a possible change in regulatory structure.
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