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Commission Planning Documents

Iowa Utilities Board Fiscal Year 2002 Regulatory Plan
This report contains information on the Board's current regulatory objectives and priorities, significant rule makings for FY 2002, significant contested cases for FY 2002, and any other significant proceedings.
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Idaho Commission 2001 Strategic Plan
This report outlines the strategic goals and objectives of each of the Commission's divisions: Administration, Utilities, Pipeline Safety, and Rail and lists factors external to the Commission that are beyond its control and that could significantly affect the achievement of the general goals and objectives.
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Ten-year Plan (2000 - 2009) of Maryland Electric Utilities
The Ten-Year Plan Report is submitted annually by the Public Service Commission. It is a compilation of information pertaining to the long-range plans of Maryland's electric utilities. An additional feature this year is summaries of issues that may affect the electric utility industry in Maryland in the future.
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Minnesota Energy Planning Report
This report discusses the current state of the Minnesota energy market, what can be expected in terms of future energy use, strategies to meet increased demand for energy including the use of historic, newly developed, and yet to be developed technologies. Minnesota's electric transmission system is also considered.
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Ventura Administration Telecommunications Strategic Plan
This Plan sets outs and analysis and research findings regarding the state of the State’s telecommunications infrastructure and regulatory framework. Based on this research, this Plan sets out the Governor’s vision for Minnesota’s future telecommunications infrastructure and regulatory environment. This vision, backed by research, forms the basis for specific legislative initiatives, that are also explained in this Plan.
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Recommendation and Draft Plan for Retail Electric Billing and Metering Services
This report proposes restructuring the provision of electric billing service to accommodate and enhance Virginia’s competitive electricity market. The Commission recommends authorizing licensed competitive suppliers of electric energy competitive service providers (CSPs) to offer and coordinate the provision of billing service to retail customers under the three billing options of separate billing, local distribution company (LDC) consolidated billing, and CSP consolidated billing.
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Vermont Telecommunications Plan
The last edition of the Plan gave a detailed history and status of the telecommunications industry and the unprecedented changes in technology, regulation, the infrastructure, and the marketplace that had taken place in the prior three years. This Plan reviews recent events and progress in the industry, analyzes key issues, and recommends a broad array of specific actions to bring the benefits and advantages of modern communications capabilities to all Vermonters.
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Strategic Plan of the Wyoming Public Service Commission
This report includes the mission, vision and philosophy of the Commission in protecting the public interest of Wyoming utility consumers as well as balancing the financial and operational interests of the Commission. The report includes a situational analysis and proposes the goal of the PSC to regulate public utilities as directed by state and federal law, which includes two objectives within the goal and responses to the plan.
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