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Summary of Annual Reports Filed by Electric Utilities
Part 1 of this report provides an overview of the electric utilities’ financial condition and activities since December 16, 1997, the effective date of the new law. Part 2 of this report summarizes Illinois electric utilities’ responses to the eleven requirements set forth in PUA § 16-130.
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Kansas State Energy Program 2001 Annual Report
This report, published each year by the Commission, provides general information about the Commission and includes details about the key issues of the Commission, significant events of the past year, and current agency filings and proceedings.
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Michigan Electric Sales Forecast
This report was prepared by the Michigan Public Service Commission Staff on April 2001. It is a composite projection of Michigan total electric sales for the years 2001 through 2010. The sole purpose of this forecast is to provide information for policy development and for analysis of electric industry issues.
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Discussion of Strandable Costs
Although ordered to do so, Local Gas Distribution Companies have not provided any quantitative assessment of the impact of customer migration if capacity were no longer to be assigned. Given this state of affairs, staff constructed this report as a macro overview of potential strandable cost.
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Stranded Costs: Public Service Commission of Utah Report
This report addresses the costs of restructuring to both customers and utilities. Three categories of utility stranded costs discussed in this report include: generation assets (power plants), power-purchase contracts or fuel-supply contracts, and regulatory assests such as deferred income taxes, deferred pension costs, and demand-side resource costs.
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Unbundling Electricity-Related Services: Public Service Commission of Utah Report
This report discusses the general issues associated with unbundling electric services focusing on the technical feasibility of unbundling. The report suggests ways to evaluate services that are potential candidates for unbundling against various technical and economic criteria to determine which of those services it appears could be unbundled, and how to start the process.
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Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Memorandum
This report has two sections. The 2001 first half of the report includes definitions, consumer contact statistics, analysis and contact information for major individual utilities. The second section includes complaints for major utilities in tables providing information on the number of complaints received total for each of the major utilities in each industry as well as first half information on the number of complaints per thousand customers.
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