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Electric Restructuring

Progress Report to the General Assembly on the Development of Competition in Electric Markets and the Impact on Retail Customers
This report is submitted by Arkansas Public Service Commission to the General Assembly on the development of competition in retail electric markets and the impact of restructuring on retail ratepayers.
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Georgia Public Commission Staff Report on Electric Industry Restructuring
This report is based on written comments and workshop presentations from all sectors of the electric industry and is a first step in compiling relevant information to assist decision-makers who must address electric restructing in Georgia. In addition, this report is also based extensively on the white papers submitted and positions of parties gathered during the workshops and focus groups.
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New Mexico Public Regulation Commission 2001 Annual Report and Electric Restructuring Report
This report, published every year by the Commission, provides general information about the Commission and includes details about the key issues of the Commission, significant events of the past year, and current agency filings and proceedings. This report also addresses the current status of restructuring, legislative recommendations, and nine specific examinations required by the Restructuring Act.
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Electric Deregulation: A Case Study
This report outlines the history of regulation in electric markets, why market restructuring is important, the guiding priciple of deregulation, the major marketing restructuring issues as well as the federal and state actions involved in the restructuring of the electric industry, and recommendations of the Staff Electric Industry Restructuring Task Force on the electric industry restructuring activities.
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Report on the Public Interest and Role of Commission
This report, written by the Staff Electric Industry Restructuring Task Force, includes a procedural history of the Task Force study of the potential results of deregulating the electric industry, the jurisdiction and role of the Alabama Public Service Commission, and discusses the result of electric retail competition in regard to public interest.
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Report on Electric Restructuring of the Arkansas Public Service Commission to the Joint Insurance and Commerce Committee
This report describes the activities being undertaken by the Commission to achieve the goal of competitive electric markets in Arkansas and the activities the Commission is participating in before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC"). The report includes information about the Act 1556 Implementation Timeline, guidelines for unbundling rates and tariffs, as well as numerous proceedings such as the proceedings related to stranded costs.
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Evaluation Study Report
The Colorado Electricity Advisory Panel conducted a comprehensive study of electric utility industry restructuring over a fifteen-month period. The Evaluation Study Report is divided into three parts: (1) Decisions and Recommendations of the Panel; (2) a Report on the Panel's Processes; and (3) a report on Electric Utility Industry Restructuring Issues and the Contractors’ Products. A majority of the Panel voted that deregulation was not in the best interest of Coloradoans.
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2001 Restructuring Activities by State Updated: 11/26/01
This report provides a summary of various regulatory activities which occurred in each state impacting the regulated utilities operating there.
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Annual Report on Electric Restructuring
The Maine Commission submits to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over utility matters this annual report describing the commission’s activities in carrying out the requirements of Chapter 316 of the Maine Restructuring Act and the activities relating to changes in the regulation of electric utilities in other states.
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The Potential Economic Impact of Electricity Restructuring in the State of Oklahoma
The purpose of this project is to provide a model and process to evaluate the potential price and economic impacts of restructuring the Oklahoma electric industry. The Phase I report concentrated on providing an analysis of the Oklahoma system in the near-term, using only present generation resources and customer demands. This Phase II study analyzed the Oklahoma power market in 2010, incorporating the potential of new generation resources and customer responses.
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Report of the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission on Electric Restructuring
This Second Report addresses developments in the competitive power supply market in Rhode Island; estimated savings realized by customers as a result of the introduction of retail competition in the power supply market; progress towards implementation of a regional transmission agreement for New England and other reforms implemented by the regional power pool; the status of electric industry restructuring activities in other New England states; and recommendations for statutory changes.
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Proposed Electric Restructuring Implementation Process
This report includes the South Carolina Commission's review and analysis of the viability of deregulating the electric generation industry in the state. It outlines what would be necessary to successfully implement such a plan and discusses specific related issues such as stranded costs, billing and metering, and environmental and tax issues.
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