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Energy Regulation

Unbundled Services and Standard Offer Working Group Report to the Arizona Corporation Commission
The purpose of this report is to present the findings and recommendations of the Unbundled Services and Standard Offer Working Group assembled to explore the issues inherent in the offering of "unbundled" electric services and in the offering of traditional "Standard Offer" services.
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Energy and Economic Modeling Issues Related to an Evaluation of the Regulatory Structure of the Retail Electric Industry in the State of Colorado
This report was prepared by Stone & Webster Management Consultants, Inc. (Stone & Webster) and its subcontractor, Standard & Poor’s DRI (DRI) for the Colorado Electric Advisory Panel. This study estimates the likely impacts in each of the years 2003 – 2017 of electric industry restructuring on the retail prices or rates Colorado consumers pay for electricity under each of several alternative market structures (or regulatory cases) and sensitivity scenarios. It also estimates the likely stranded costs or benefits to Colorado generating utilities associated with industry restructuring under each of the regulatory cases and sensitivity scenarios.
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A Plan for Effective Market Monitoring of the Wholesale and Retail Markets for Electricity, Natural Gas, and Telecommunications
This report to the D.C. Council’s Committee on Consumer and Regulatory Affairs describes the considerable progress that the Public Service Commission of D.C. has made to establish and maintain an effective market-monitoring plan. The current state of competition in the competitive retail markets for electricity, natural gas, and local telephone services in the District is also discussed. Finally, new initiatives that are being planned to improve customer service and, where practicable, to reduce prices still further are identified.
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Report to IPUC on Replacing the Garnet Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
This report outlines Idaho Power Company alternatives for replacing the Garnet PPA if Garnet Energy LLC (Garnet) was unable to secure financing for the generating facility that would support the PPA ("the Garnet Project").
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Minnesota Universal Energy Service Report
This report provides background on universal energy service issues, recommends universal service goals and strategies, describe the energy programs for low income households in place today, discusses inadequacies in those programs, and list the benefits of and options for ensuring universal energy service in Minnesota.
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Alternative Market Structures for Retail Competition
This report on alternative market structures for retail competition represents the efforts of the Market Structure and Market Power working group of the Missouri Public Service Commission's Task Force on Retail Competition. The format of this report is that the first chapter sets out the structural changes that the working group believed would be common to any of the alternative proposals for market structure. The subsequent chapters organize each proposed market structure into four major sections.
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Distributed Generation and Interconnections Investigation
In July 1999, the Arizona Corporation Commission initiated a "General investigation of Distributed Generation and Interconnections (DGI) for potential retail electric competition rules consideration." This report documents the results of that investigation. It includes the identification of key stakeholder issues and recommendations for developing standards, policies and tariffs for distributed generation through the rulemaking process.
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Report on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs (Demand-side Management)
The General Assembly required the Maryland Public Service Commission to evaluate current and potential Demand-Side Management (“DSM”) programs, to suggest whether these programs are necessary or desirable, and to identify what programs are cost-effective. Further, if the Commission determines DSM programs are useful and cost-effective, they must recommend the appropriate method of funding and administration. This report serves to meet these requirements.
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Developing and Implementing Codes of Conduct for the Retail Electric Industry
This paper examines the framework into which codes of conduct fit in a competitive electric generation market. It covers the advantages and disadvantages of structural and behavioral approaches to mitigation, discusses issues to be considered in developing a code of conduct including enforcement options, and provides examples of language used in codes that have been adopted by other state legislatures and commissions.
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The 1999 Fuel Report
This report reviews the utilities' compliance with Minnesota Rules which govern the filing of the annual automatic adjustments, and makes a number of specific recommendations to assure compliance with Minnesota Commission requirements, and to improve the usefulness of future annual automatic adjustment reports.
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Keeping the Lights on: Securing Minnesota’s Energy Future
The Department of Commerce proposes a set of policy responses to the reliability problems the state is facing utilizing a combination of market forces and efficient regulation to ensure safe, reliable, environmentally sound and universally available energy services. The four elements of this proposal are: Comprehensive Energy Planning in the New Environment, Greater Efficiencies in Energy Conservation, Promote Modern Energy Technologies, and Encourage and Enforce Wholesale Competition.
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Electric Utility Qualifying Facilities Report
This Minnesota Department of Commerce's report summarizes the impact of interconnected qualifying facilities (QFs) on Minnesota electric utilities. Minnesota Rules Chapter 7835.0300 through 7835.1800 require electric utilities to submit their QF reports annually. The data reported is from the previous calendar year or another recently completed twelve month period.
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Fuel Charge Adjustment Proceedings for Electric Utilities
The North Carolina Utilities Commission develops this biennial report summarizing the proceedings conducted pursuant to G.S. 62-133.2, the statute providing for fuel charge adjustments for electric utilities. G.S. 62-133.2 provides for two types of rate adjustments: fuel charge adjustments and “true-ups.”
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Staff Report On Proposed Rules Governing Retail Access To Competitive Energy Services
This report attempts to balance the objectives of promoting the advancement of competition, affording reasonable consumer protections, and ensuring the equitable treatment of market participants. The Virginia Commission staff's proposal includes a few substantive modifications to the existing Interim Rules, reorganization of the rules into topical sections, concerns raised by interested parties within and outside of the work group.
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