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1996 Telecom Act Reports

Final Report of the Qwest OSS Test
This is a final report for the Qwest Arizona OSS Test. This report describes the activities conducted by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young during the Arizona Section 271 Test, as well as its findings, conclusions and recommendations.
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Arizona Functionality Test Results Comparison Report
This report presents a full analysis of every aspect of Qwest’s performance measurement reporting process and whether it fully satisfies all the requirements of the Master Test Plan and Test Standards Document.
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BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. OSS Evaluation Project Final Report
This document submitted by KPMG to the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) is a final report on the state of BellSouth's OSS system. The document is used to evaluate whether BellSouth has met the 14-point checklist in Section 271 of the 1996 Act.
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BellSouth Permanent Metrics Adequacy Study Final Report
This report expresses KPMG’s opinion on the adequacy and appropriateness of the Service Quality Measurements ordered by the FPSC, which are used to evaluate the performance of BellSouth’s OSS in Florida. It is not a report of KPMG’s Third Party OSS test in Florida this report details KPMG’s findings and recommendations. Sections of this report describe the scope of the examination, indicate the methodology used to gather and analyze data, and present recommendations for changes in the permanent performance metrics.
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Comparability Study of Verizon’s MDVW OSS Final Report
This report examines the comparability among the OSS in the four jurisdictions- Virginia (V), Maryland (M), West Virginia (W), and the District of Columbia (D), contingent upon the introduction of a new Verizon system, known as expressTRAK, which is currently being implemented in the MDVW jurisdictions.
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Final Report on Qwest's Compliance with Section 272 and Responses to Comments Received on Preliminary Report
In this report the Montana Public Service Commission is considering the compliance of Qwest Corporation with the requirements of Section 271 of the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996. This report contains the Commission’s final findings concerning Section 272.
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Verizon New Jersey Inc. OSS Evaluation Project Final Report
This report reflects the findings of KPMG Consulting independent, third-party test of the readiness of Verizon NJ’s OSSs, interfaces, documentation, and processes to support local market entry by the Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs).
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Pennsylvania Commercial Availability Review Final Report – Metrics
The primary purpose of this report is to compare information and data provided by the CLECs to the corresponding information and data supplied by Verizon Pennsylvania. A key assumption of this study was that the CLECs were to provide their metrics report data to KPMG Consulting in the same format as the Verizon Pennsylvania Carrier-to-Carrier reports.
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Pacific Bell Operations Support System (OSS) Testing Reports
The California Public Service Commission has released a number of reports pertaining to the testing of Pacific Bell's OSS for the puposes of its gaining 271 authority in the state.
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Georgia Public Service Commission Staff Report and Opinion
The Staff issues this Report and Opinion assessing the compliance of BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. with the checklist requirements of Section 271 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. In this assessment, the Commission Staff evaluates whether BellSouth’s compliance with the checklist has progressed sufficiently to warrant favorable consideration by the Federal Communications Commission of a Company application for in-region, interLATA (long distance) authority.
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The Status of Telecommunications Service in a Changing Competitive Environment
The North Carolina Utilities Commission developed this report to address the provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and State House Bill 161 in order to gain a complete perspective on the ongoing revolution in telecommunications regulation. It addresses competing local provider certifications, alternative regulation, universal telephone service, interconnection agreements, unbundled network elements and collocation, and access charge reductions.
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KPMG Verizon-Pennsylvania OSS Testing Final Report
This ZIP file contains all of the documents submitted by KPMG to the Pennsylvania Commission which comprise its final report on the state of Verizon's OSS system. This text includes descriptions of the methodology used in conducting the test and the Transaction Validation and Verification (TVV) or Policies and Procedures Review (PPR) evaluation criteria employed.
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Report of Independent Accountants on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures
This report is intended to show to the Pennsylvania Commission Verizon's compliance with Section 272 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This section governs parent-affiliate company interactions. It enumerates the procedures performed in connection with the BOCs and the former Bell Atlantic Section 272 affiliates, BOCs and the former GTE Section 272 affiliates, and GTE Operating Companies and the former GTE Section 272 affiliates.
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