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Telecom Reports

1996 Act
Reports involving market developments involving the Telecommunication Act of 1996, including 271 applications and OSS testing.

Reports outlining regulatory procedures unique to telecommunications carriers, including performance guidelines and price regulation.

The Market
Reports illustrating the current state of the telecommunications markets in various states, includes area code information.

Universal Service
Reports presenting the proper implementation of universal service programs and the high (low) level of success that these programs have had in advancing competition and subscribership.

Energy Reports

Reports describing how far individual states have progressed in their move toward competitive energy markets.

Electric Market
Reports illustrating the history and impact of major developments in electric markets, including California's regulatory difficulties and significant price spikes.

Reports detailing the current state of energy market infrastructure, including operating and proposed merchant plants and transmission systems.

Market Power
Reports evaluating the significance and presence of imbalances in market power between various providers in energy markets.

Natural Gas Market
A comprehensive set of reports covering all aspects of natural gas markets.

Reports outlining regulatory procedures unique to energy providers, including demand-side management programs and codes of conduct.

Reports describing how far individual states have progressed in their move to restructure their energy markets and the way in which they are regulated.

Other Issues
Reports covering a number of other issues present in energy markets, including power pooling, stranded costs, and unbundling.

General Reports

Commission Annual Reports
Annual and biennial reports illustrating the state of state commissions and important developments that have taken place in their jurisdiction over the past (two) year(s).

Commission Planning Documents
Reports detailing anticipated regulatory actions to be taken by state commissions in their energy and telecommunciations markets.

Data-intensive Reports
Reports containing detailed statistics used as indicators to shed light on the state of telecommunications and energy markets.

Utility Rates
Rate listings for various telecommunications and energy services.

Other Report Topics                                                                                  

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