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Order Closing Docket
In the Matter of a Commission Investigation into ILEC Unbundling Obligations as a Result of the Federal Communications Commission's Triennial Review Order
Docket No. P-999/CI-03-961
August 30, 2004
Approximately 3 Pages
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Order Granting Suspension, Setting Interim Rates, and Setting 90-Day Deadline for Negotations
In the Matter of the Petition by the Minnesota Independent Coalition for Suspension or Modification of Local Number Portability Obligations Pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 251(f)(2)
Docket Nos. P-et al/M-04-707
July 8, 2004
Approximately 6 Pages
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Order Setting Prices for Unbundled Network Elements
In the Matter of a Commission Initiated Investigation into U S WEST Communication, Inc.s Costs Related to the Provision of Line
Docket Nos. P-5692,5710,5827,5638,5670,466,421/CI-99-1665
July 24, 2001
Approximately 21 Pages
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Order Accepting Settlement Agreements and Approving Merger Subject to Conditions
In the Matter of the Merger of the Parent Corporations of Qwest Communications Corporation, L CI International Telecom Corp., USLD Communications, Inc., Phoenix Network, Inc. , and U S WEST Communications, Inc.
Docket Nos. P-3009, 3052, 5096, 421, 3017/PA-99-1192
June 28, 2000
Approximately 59 Pages
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