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Final Order Adopting 17.9.573 NMAC
In the Matter of an Inquiry into Renewable Energy as a Source of Electricity, Utility Division Staff of the Public Regulation Commission
Docket No. EL99-021
December 17, 2002
Approximately 12 Pages
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Final Order Adopting NMPRC Rule 410, 17.5.410
In the Matter of the Petition of the Utility Divison Staff of the Public Regulation Commission and Certain Electric and Gas Utilities for a Rulemaking to Amen NMPRC Rule 410, Residentail Customer Service by Gas, Electric, and Rural Electric Cooperative Utilites, and to Recodify the Rule in Accordance with the New Mexico Administrative Code
Case No. 3519
September 18, 2001
Approximately 10 Pages
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Final Order on Rehearing
In the Matter of the Peittion of the Utility Divisoin Staff of the Public Regulation Commission for Rulemaking, Adopting NMPRC Rule 591, Regarding Standard Offer Service Offered by Public Utilities and Distribution Cooperative Utilities Under the Restructuring Act
Case No. 3109
September 19, 2000.
Approximately 9 Pages
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In the Matter of the Adoption of a Rule Requiring Information Disclosing Electric Rates by Function in Customer Bills.
Final Order
Case No. 2816
December 7, 1998
Approximately 4 pages

This matter comes before the New Mexico Public Utility Commission (“NMPUC” or “Commission”) upon its own Motion and the outstanding variance requests remaining in this docket. Having reviewed the various compliance filings and requests and responses, together with the entire record, and being fully informed of the premises, the Commission issues this Final Order
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