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Final Order
In the Matter of the Application of the Montana Power Company's 1) Approval of the Default Supply Portfolio, the 2) Projected Electric Cost Tracking for the 12-Month Period Beginning July 1, 2002
Docket No. D2001.10.144
June 21, 2002
Approximately 54 pages
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Final Order
In the Matter of the Application of the Montana Power Company for Approval of its Electric Utility Restructuring Transition Plan Filed Pursuant to Senate Bill 390
Docket No. D97.7.90
January 31, 2002
Approximately 28 pages
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Order Implementing Electrical Energy Pool
In the Matter of the Commission's Investigation in to the feasibility of a Demand Exchange Program to address Market Challenges faced by Industrial Customers of Montana Power Company
Docket No. D2001.3.30
June 29, 2001
Approximately 8 pages
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Final Order
In the Matter of Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., Application for Approval of a Contract Service Rate (Market Retention Rate) for Electric Service
Docket No. D98.1.14
February 26, 1998
Approximately 2 pages
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Final Order
In the Matter of Montana Power Company, Revenue Requirements, Gas Costs, Allocated Costs of Service and Rate Design for Natural Gas, Service, Restructuring, and Consolidation of Related Cases and Issues
Docket No. D96.2.22
October 31, 1997
Approximately 73 pages
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Final Order/Rate Design
In The Matter of the Application of Montana Power Company to Change Rates for Electric Service Based on its Allocated Cost of Service and Rate Design Study.
Docket No. D96.3.33
Order No. 5915a
December 9, 1996
Approximately 4 pages

On March 15, 1996 the Montana Power Company filed an application with the Public Service Commission to change electric rates based on a new allocated cost of service and rate design study. As part of its application MPC submitted a stipulation (approved in Order No. 5915, June 11, 1996) between it and the Montana Consumer Counsel, the Large Customer Group and the District XI Human Resource Council recommending "specific allocated cost of service class revenue responsibility results."

On September 30, 1996 MPC submitted a stipulation between it, MCC, LCG, HRC and Colstrip Energy Limited Partnership that "addresses the individual rate designs that achieve the class revenue authorized by the Commission in ... Order No. 5915 ...."

With conditions the Commission approves the stipulation and supporting appendices on customer class Rate Designs in this Docket.
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Final Order
In The Matter of the Proposed Adoption of Rules Governing Reporting by Public Utilities.
Docket No. D95.8.112
Order No. 5868
October 12, 1995
Approximately 4 pages
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Protective Order
In the Matter of the Application Utility Division of the Montana Power Company for Authority to Increase Rates for Electric and Natural Gas Services
Docket No. D95.9.128
Order No. 5865
September 20, 1995
Approximately 10 pages
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