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Order Opening Docket and Notice of Public Meeting
Regarding the Investigation Into the Reliability of the Electric Distribution System of Public Service Company of Colorado.
Docket No. 04I-098E
March 10, 2004
Approximately 3 Pages
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Settlement Agreement
re: The Investigation and Suspension of Tariff Sheets Filed By Public Service Company of Colorado Advice Letter No. 1373 Electric, Advice Letter No. 593 Gas and Advice Letter No. 80 Steam
Docket No. 02S315EG
April 4, 2003
Approximately 90 Pages
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Decision Repealing Emergengy Rules and Adopting New Emergengy Rules
In the Matter of Repeal and Adopting of Emergengy Amendments to the Rules Regulating Electric Utilities, 4 CCR 723-3.
Docket No. 03R-028E
January 22, 2003
Approximately 7 Pages
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Decision Adopting Rules
In the Matter of Proposed Amendments to the Gas Cost Adjustment Rules, 4 CCR 723-8.
February 6, 2002
Approximately 37 Pages
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Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
In the Matter of Proposed Amendments to the Electric Integrated Resource Planning Rules, 4 CCR 723-21.
January 30, 2002
Approximately 24 Pages
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Order Opening Inquiry and Setting Procedural Schedule
In the Matter of Consideration of Changes in Integrated Resource Planning Requirmeents for Jurisdictional Electric Utilities.
June 6, 2001
Approximately 5 Pages
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Notice of Inquiry
Docket No. 96q-313e, Decision No. C96-682
Mailed Date: July 3, 1996, Adopted Date: June 26, 1996
Approximately 4 pages

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission hereby gives notice of an inquiry into issues related to the restructuring of the electric utility industry. The purpose of this inquiry is to solicit information from interested persons concerning the appropriate competitive and regulatory framework for Colorado's electric utility industry.
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Decision Adopting Rules
Docket No. 95R-071E, Decision No. C96-373
Mailed Date: April 5, 1996, Adopted Date: April 3, 1996

This matter comes before the Commission to consider adoption of rules relating to integrated resource planning for regulated electric utilities. As discussed herein, the Commission adopts the rules appended to this decision as Attachment 1, subject to applications for rehearing, reargument, or reconsideration submitted by any party. The attached rules set forth the resource planning and competitive acquisition procedures which regulated electric utilities will be required to follow in the future. The rules supersede the Commission's existing Electric Integrated Resource Planning Rules, 4 CCR 723-21.
Approximately 70 pages
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Decision Granting Application for Temporary Waiver
The Matter of the Application Of Tri-state Generation and Transmission Association, Inc., Denver, Colorado 80233 for a Temporary Waiver of the Commission's Electric Integrated Resource Planning Rules
Docket No. 95a-628e, Decision No. C96-187
Mailed Date: February 20, 1996, Adopted Date: February 14, 1996
Approximately 4 pages

Consideration of the Application for Temporary Waiver of Current Electric Integrated Resource Planning Rules, filed by Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. In the application, Tri-State requests that waiving of certain filing requirements within the Commission's current Integrated Resource Planning rules.
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Commission Decision on Rehearing, Reargument, and Reconsideration
Docket No. 95i-513e
Mailed Date: February 2, 1996, Adopted Date: January 31, 1996
Approximately 35 pages

Investigation of Proposed Changes to Electric and Steam Rates of Public Service Company of Colorado.
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Commission Decision on Rehearing, Reargument, and Reconsideration
Investigation of Proposed Changes to Electric and Steam Rates Public Service Company of Colorado, 1225 17th street, Denver, Colorado
Decision No. C96-134
Docket No. 95I-513E
January 31, 1996
Approximately 41 Pages
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Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Order Granting Applications for Rehearing, Reargument, or Reconsideration
Docket No. 95r-071e, Decision No. C96-124
Mailed Date: January 30, 1996, Adopted Date: January 24, 1996
Approximately 10 pages

This proceeding was commenced by publication of Decision No. C95-622, a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. That decision proposed certain amendments and revisions to the Commission's IRP rules, 4 Code of Colorado Regulations 723-21. In Decision No. C95-1264, the Commission adopted (pending consideration of applications for RRR) new integrated resource planning ("IRP") rules for electric utilities regulated by the Commission. The applications for RRR filed by the parties, in one degree or another, suggested that the Commission reconsider the rules. Specifically, the Commission now determines to take further comment upon the IRP rules, and, in addition, should schedule further rulemaking hearings upon the rules proposed for adoption.
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