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It is my pleasure to welcome you to utilityregulation.com.

As a visitor to utilityregulation.com, you have quick and efficient access to more than 1,500 orders issued by regulatory commissions during 1995 - 2004, and hundreds of technical reports issued by industry groups and regulatory agencies.

The site also provides news stories of interest to the regulatory community (updated daily), definitions of technical terms, extensive industry data, technical articles and essays, and well organized links to other web sites. Our powerful search engine allows you to easily locate the specific information you need.

I think it is fair to say that utilityregulation.com is now the leading website serving regulatory commissions and others involved in the regulatory process. In terms of its popularity, utilityregulation.com has nearly 2,000 recurring visitors and has been searched over 17,000 times since its inception in late 2002.

We hope you find utilityreglation.com visually pleasing and easy to navigate, while providing efficient access to a wealth of useful information.

Thank you and welcome!
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