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     A. Essays
          1. Telecom
               a. Costing Definitions and Concepts
               b. Price Cap Regulation Compared to Traditional Regulation
               c. Key Components of a Price Cap System
               d. The Basis for Traditional Rate of Return Regulation
               e. Fair Value
               f. Depreciation
               g. Working Capital
               h. Telecommunications Competitive Services
               i. AT&T Divestiture
          2. Energy
               a. Demand Ratchets
               b. Time-of-Day Pricing
               c. Fair Value
               d. Depreciation
               e. Working Capital
     B. News from the prior week
     C. Orders
          1. Telecom
               a. (individual state order pages)
          2. Energy
               a. (individual state order pages)
     D. Reports
          1. State Commission Reports
               a. Telecom Reports
                    (1). 1996 Act
                    (2). Regulation
                    (3). The Market
                    (4). Universal Service
               b. Energy Reports
                    (1). Competition
                    (2). Electric Market
                    (3). Infrastructure
                    (4). Market Power
                    (5). Natural Gas Market
                    (6). Regulation
                    (7). Restructuring
                    (8). Other Issues
               c. General Reports
                    (1). Commission Annual Reports
                    (2). Commission Planning Documents
                    (3). Data-intensive Reports
                    (4). Utility Rates
          2. Acts of Congress
          3. FCC Resources
               a. FCC Reports
               b. FCC Rules
               c. FCC Rural Task Force White Papers
          4. FERC Reports
     E. Testimony
          1. Alternative Regulations/Price Caps
          2. Competition
               a. Measures
               b. Regulatory Policy
               c. Rural Competition
          3. Costing
               a. Comparisons
               b. Joint and Common
               c. Long Run
               d. Models
               e. Studies
                    (1). Comparisons
                    (2). Results
                    (3). Inputs and Methodologies
          4. Cost of Capital
          5. Definitions and the FCC
          6. Depreciation
          7. Mergers and Transfers
               a. Benefits
               b. Costs
               c. Conditions
          8. Rate Design
               a. Goals
               b. Rebalancing
               c. Revcost Analysis
               d. Services
                    (1). Access
                    (2). Interconnection
                    (3). Local
                    (4). Other
                    (5). Unbundling
                    (6). UNEs
          9. Universal Service
               a. Components
               b. Method
               c. Theory
     F. Links
          1. State Regulatory Agencies
               a. (individual state commission linking pages)
          2. Federal Regulatory Agencies
          3. Academia
          4. Companies
               a. Local Exchange Companies
               b. Long Distance Companies
               c. Investor Owned Utilities
               d. Cooperatively Owned Utilities
               e. Publically Owned Utilities
               f. International Utilities
          5. News Sources
          6. Other
     G. Unbundling
          1. Federal Communications Commission
          2. State Regulatory Agencies
               a. (individual state commission linking pages)
          3. Timeline of Unbundling Activities
     H. Welcome
     I. Sitemap
     J. Feedback
     K. Contact
     L. Search


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