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In the landmark 1996 Telecommunications Act, incumbent local carriers were first required to "unbundle" certain elements of their networks so as to not "impair" the successful operation of competitive local carriers. The Act gave the FCC the responsibility of interpreting and effectuating the Act's "unbundling" requirements. Subsequently, the FCC and various Courts have reinterpreted the Act's "impairment" standards. Recently this issue has again has come to the fore due to the FCC's February 2003 vote to adopt new "unbundling" rules.

This page was created to provide frequent updates FCC actions, state efforts to implement the FCC's new impairment rules, as well as providing other useful, time saving resources.

Review FCC actions taken during its Triennial Review process.
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Review the status of State proceedings established to carry out FCC directives.
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Trace the history of the interpretation of unbunding rules and impairment standards.
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